As the first B Corp community established outside of the United States, Canadian B Corps are a leading force for good across the country. And we’ve come a long way since that first Canadian B Corp (FlipGive - formerly Better The World) certified in 2009. Now numbered at over 230 companies, Canadian B Corps represent a diverse range of industry sectors. It is in this diversity that we have found our strength, with a strong alignment to the core Canadian values we share as a country: inclusion, sustainability, equity, and diversity. From sole proprietors and brick-and-mortar retailers to the tech powerhouses and coffee roasteries that keep us moving, we’re proud to include an incredible group of forward-thinking business leaders who are putting social and environmental impact right alongside company profits. You likely already interact with a number of B Corps in your daily life - including the likes of the Business Development Bank of Canada, Danone CanadaOptel Group, Beau’s Brewery, Fiasco Gelato, Bullfrog Power, and - and we encourage you to discover even more. Canadian B Corps are companies that are leading the charge in using business as a force for good in this country.

B Corps gather in Toronto for the 2017 B Corp Champions Retreat

Canadian Legal Requirement

What legal implications does becoming B Corp Certified have for companies operating in Canada? If you’re looking for a resource on the legal requirement in Canada, check out this memo from the Canadian law firm Blakes.



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