As the first B Corp community established outside of the United States, Canadian B Corps are a leading force for good across the country. And we’ve come a long way since that first Canadian B Corp (FlipGive - formerly Better The World) certified in 2009. Now numbered at over 230 companies, Canadian B Corps represent a diverse range of industry sectors. It is in this diversity that we have found our strength, with a strong alignment to the core Canadian values we share as a country: inclusion, sustainability, equity, and diversity. From sole proprietors and brick-and-mortar retailers to the tech powerhouses and coffee roasteries that keep us moving, we’re proud to include an incredible group of forward-thinking business leaders who are putting social and environmental impact right alongside company profits. You likely already interact with a number of B Corps in your daily life - including the likes of the Business Development Bank of Canada, Danone CanadaOptel Group, Beau’s Brewery, Fiasco Gelato, Bullfrog Power, and - and we encourage you to discover even more. Canadian B Corps are companies that are leading the charge in using business as a force for good in this country.

B Corps gather in Toronto for the 2017 B Corp Champions Retreat

Canadian Legal Requirement

What legal implications does becoming B Corp Certified have for companies operating in Canada? If you’re looking for a resource on the legal requirement in Canada, check out this memo from the Canadian law firm Blakes.



Benefit Company Legislation Being Introduced in British Columbia

In Apri 2019, the Green Party of British Columbia introduced a private members bill aiming to allow corporations to incorporate as benefit companies in BC. B Lab is a stakeholder in this process, as the nonprofit working to support a shared and durable prosperity across Canada and globally. See below for a document on some commonly asked questions.



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