B Corp Leadership Development



B Corp Leadership Development (BLD) Conferences are all-day conferences organized by Certified B Corporations for employees of Certified B Corporations. Designed to strengthen local B Corp communities, BLD events provide opportunities for relationship building and best practice sharing amongst values-aligned local businesses.

Like TEDx for the B Corp community, these events are organized by volunteer committees, contributing to a more connected, thriving network across North America. BLD organizers are local leaders motivated by the opportunity to create a greater sense of community. After undertaking a BLD event, organizers find themselves strongly situated in the center of their local communities, having brought increased visibility to their business.


"Amazing, thrilling, spirit-lifting event. Still feeling the rush!"

Kati McHugh, New Leaf Community Markets

"Terrific and should be modeled everywhere."

Vince Siciliano, New Resource Bank​