Large Multinational Companies

Large companies are joining the B Corp movement - both as Certified B Corporations and through other accessible options to "be like a B Corp." Learn more about the various pathways for engagement for large and public companies, then contact B Lab to discuss the right opportunities for your company.

Photo of Emmanual Faber, CEO of Danone

In this increasingly complex world, big brands and companies are fundamentally challenged as to whose interests they really serve. We are convinced that answering this intent and purpose question in straight and simple terms is the best way for our brands to re-establish trust with employees, consumers, partners, civil society and governments. This is where we found B Lab accreditation a great way to express our long time commitment for dual economic and social progress, through our ambition to support people's adoption of healthier and more sustainable eating and drinking practices.”

Logo for Danone North America - Emmanuel Faber, CEO of Danone, Danone North America

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