B Impact Report

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23 Degrees Coffee Roasters

Wholesale Coffee Roaster
Certified Since: October, 2018
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Sector: Manufacturing

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23 Degrees is a wholesale specialty coffee roaster. At 23 Degrees, they are absolutely passionate about coffee and love crafting a beautiful cup, connecting people and sharing their stories. With this passion comes the responsibility to build a more equitable and sustainable coffee supply chain where they create value, share benefits, and support their coffee growers, partners and customers.

Core to building an equitable supply chain is 23 Degrees’ sourcing strategy, which is built on transparency, partnerships, ethical pricing and quality. 23 Degrees is a female founded. Naturally they want women in coffee to thrive and are committed to source at least 50% of their coffee purchases from women coffee growers.

Creating value and sharing benefits goes far beyond sourcing through an ethical supply chain. Together with other forward-thinking organisations they are working on programs which support their coffee growers through education programs.

Through the 23 Degrees sustainability program their customers benefit from their sustainable sourcing strategy, freshly roasted specialty coffee, consumer education and the opportunity to recycle spent coffee grounds and reduce waste.

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