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4YOU2 Idiomas

Language School
Certified Since: February, 2014
Location: S�o Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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4YOU2 is a language school that operates in partnership with NGOs in peripheral regions. It pays a rent to the NGOs by using empty spaces, creating a source of revenue for these organizations that survive from donations. It relies solely on foreign teachers who come from all over the world as part of a social and voluntary exchange in which they teach English, live in the community, and learn about social entrepreneurship. Students, the base of the pyramid, pay the cheapest market price (R$69.00 per month with included materials), near their residence with only foreign teachers, who in addition to teaching a new language, broaden the worldview of the student and provide a cultural exchange for both parts involved.

We became a B Corp to assess the impact on our business relationship with all its stakeholders and to be part of a network of companies that acts differently.

Change education in Brazil, teaching new languages and opening the mindset of students. Help to develop the social business field, impacting the NGOs, the teachers and being a model of successful business and school.

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