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Acción Verde SAS

Ecological Restoration
Certified Since: August, 2012
Location: Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Sector: Agriculture/Growers

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Accion Verde is a Colombian for profit enterprise that obtains revenues by producing positive social and environmental impacts, by planting trees in strategic places of Colombia, calling on third party Social Responsibility resources.

Accion Verde's founder has been involved in sustainable development, associating my two careers, Economics and Anthropology since the beginning of his professional career. Accion Verde believes that the basis for a more just society, with people and the Planet, must include generating employment, entrepreneurship, with economic benefits for owners as well as collaborators. This social/environmental thrust for sustainable and just development, motivated their team to become a B Corporation.

Accion Verde strives to generate ecological restoration in strategic places of Colombia, prevent natural disasters while mitigating climate change. They hope to create a new society, more inclusive and in tune with the protection of the environment, that will help improve the basis for Colombian and Planetary sustainable development. Each person, each enterprise must and should, do a green action (Acción Verde), and Accion Verde offers them that possibility with protective reforestation.

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