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Architecture design, interior design, engineering
Certified Since: November, 2014
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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AE works exists to create a world where everyone is relevant so that people can aspire to their full potential.

AE Works utilizes a triple bottom line business model to provide a structure with explicit intentions to serve why AE Works exists as a company. Development and design of organizational structure, policies, and procedures reflect the need for constant innovation and adaptation to a changing world.

AE Works’ value proposition creates designs for buildings, spaces, and systems leveraging the interdependence of people, planet, and profit. A team of professionals contribute their craft and creativity, their humility, and their desire for a better world in everyday activities. Drawing inspiration from continuously learning the opportunities a challenged world provides, AE Works’ designs aspire to our reason for existing. The company is incorporating sustainable design into historic landmarks, working to enhance healing environments and meeting design challenges of 24/7 infrastructure requirements to create environments that enable people to do what they do best so they can aspire to their full potential. The dedication to our cause has generated a growing company of thirty two in three offices working across the Mid-Atlantic region.

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