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Certified Since: September, 2016
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
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Prior to American College of Education (ACE)’s founding in 2005, educators and administrators looking to earn a graduate degree in Education had limited options. Most would need to commute to a campus to attend classes, often twice or more per week, and at tuition rates that were burdensome for educator’s salaries, leaving educators to struggle with whether or not they could afford to obtain the advanced skills and current resources that would help their students excel.

ACE was founded by educators, for educators who needed a better way to enhance their skills in the classroom without undue strain on their already finite time and financial resources. Founded in the digital age, the college committed to leveraging the internet to create efficiencies that alleviated financial and geographical burdens. Since its inception, the college has operated entirely online, providing 24/7 access to coursework that helps expedite time to completion and eliminates the cost of classrooms, dining halls, and other infrastructure traditionally subsidized by tuition. To date, tuition at ACE for both master’s and doctoral programs is up to one-third the cost of comparable programs, allowing most students to graduate from their programs without additional debt.

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