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Amplio Recruiting

Staffing Great Companies with the Dependable Refugee Workforce
Certified Since: August, 2018
Location: Decatur, Georgia, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Amplio Recruiting is a multi-city staffing agency connecting companies with the dependable refugee workforce.

They take pride in providing top notch employees to companies across the U.S. in industries including, but not limited to: light industrial work, hospitality, and construction. They work with the most fluent and well educated members of the refugee community to bring dependability and efficiency to your company. When refugees find employment, they are loyal and committed, meaning companies will see a dramatic decrease in turnover. A decrease in turnover becomes a drastic savings in hiring and training costs.

They'll take on all the risk of hiring employees and provide you with the best available talent on the market.

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