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Arbos Srl

Production of stationary articles made from recycled material.
Certified Since: June, 2019
Location: Solagna, Vicenza, Italy
Sector: Manufacturing

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Since its inception in 1988, Arbos has always set itself a mission to produce high-quality stationery using exclusively recycled materials: recycled paper, recycled leather (Ricuoio) and recycled fabric. Arbos transforms these "poor" materials into everyday products in close and constant partnership with the world of design and art. Just as the Italians are insurmountable in other fields -like fashion and food - for its paper products Arbos wants to express the “Made in Italy” quality: creativity, design, art and the great know-how of our craftsmanship.

At the same time, the eco-sustainable materials mean that anyone who purchases products by Arbos knows that the environment comes first and foremost. An Arbos notebook or journal offers the right stimulus for writing or drawing; the ideal place for collecting ideas and feelings. And to keep them. This is why Arbos says that their products are stories: they speak of Respect for the environment, Respect for man, and Research into beauty. It is our "3R" philosophy.

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