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Green Web Hosting and Co Working facilities
Certified Since: August, 2014
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Arktisma was founded by Nick Jaffe and Martin Gleeson as a platform for making interesting things.

Arktisma's first venture, Serversaurus, has provided exceptional, sustainable, and 100% Australian web hosting products and services since 2005. Serversaurus prides itself on offering refreshingly good service, fair prices, and sustainable products. All Serversaurus’ rack infrastructure is carbon offset by planting over 150 trees a year in Australia, and Serversaurus proudly donates 1% of its revenue, through One Percent for the Planet, to environmental causes.

Serversaurus staff work at Electron Workshop in North Melbourne. Electron Workshop, another Arktisma project, is a co-lab designed to sustain an independent and multidisciplinary group of workers and thinkers. Electron Workshop is a community which nurtures and supports the search for new ideas, change, work, and an exploration of the outer limits. Electron Workshop also supports women in the technology sector by offering the “women in tech” grant each year. Electron Workshop regularly hosts open events on important social issues to promote positive discourse within the local community. Electron Workshop is a community resource, offering its space free of charge to selected community events and initiatives.

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