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Expert advice and referrals for serious legal needs — free.
Certified Since: February, 2019
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Atticus is a brand new kind of legal startup, on a mission to reinvent how Americans seek and find legal help. Today, 90% of Americans don’t know where they’d turn for legal help in a crisis. They’re here to change that.

They use an innovative structure to do something no one has ever done before: Offer expert, high-quality legal advice to any American with a serious need — for free. Their initial focus is on navigation: They diagnose clients’ needs, explain their options, and help them find and hire the right specific lawyer (or nonprofit) to move forward. To lawyers, they operate as a broker: They send them pre-vetted clients, and earn a percentage of what they make from each successful representation.

Who are their clients? A sample to date: A woman harassed for refusing her boss’s advances. A child whose parent died without a will. A father disabled after being hit by a truck. An immigrant seeking to grow her family. Some of these folks are rural and low-income; others are wealthy and well-educated. What unites them is the feeling that our legal system is incredibly daunting: Few know where to turn, or whom to trust. That’s where they come in.

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