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Staffing and Recruiting, Employment Services
Certified Since: December, 2010
Location: Durham, North Carolina, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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The AVANT Group, LLC is a full service staffing company that matches the right candidate, with the right employer, at the right time. AVANT maintains a diverse pool of high quality candidates who want to empower themselves to be on a long term career path. Their pool of prospective employees include but is certainly not limited to: Administrative support in many areas including; legal, accounting, sales, medical, real estate, insurance, etc. General and Skilled laborers including; metal fabrication, warehouse support, carpentry, construction, landscaping, machinist, etc. Management and industry specific positions; realtors, sales personnel, accountants, brokers, etc

AVANT offers many staffing options including:

1. Direct Hire - Bring the employee immediately onto the employers payroll,
2. Temporary - Employee works for the employer for specific period of time while receiving benefits from and payroll from AVANT
3. Temporary-to-permanent - Employee works for a period of time and the employer may choose to add them as a full-time or part-time employee.

While maintaining high standards of service to our employees and clients, AVANT has a vision to form alliances with other sustainable businesses, vendors, and clients to strengthen the local community.

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