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Geospatial software engineering and data analysis
Certified Since: December, 2009
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Azavea is an award-winning software development, analysis, and visualization firm that applies geospatial technology for civic, social, and environmental impact. They use maps and geographic data to help people make better decisions.

Azavea builds software for governments, non-profit organizations, academic research projects and private firms on projects in an array of domains: climate change, elections, conservation, water, forestry, planning, economic development, and public safety.
They carefully select projects, both paid and pro bono, that have the potential for positive civic, social, and environmental impact. Azavea aims to create a stimulating, challenging, and supportive environment for the people that work there. An office designed for both focused work and collaboration, guest lectures, company lunches, 10% time for learning and research, and supportive teams are all part of creating a great workplace. In addition to projects related to everything from climate change to homelessness to transit planning, the firm redistributes 2% of its annual profits to charitable organizations selected by their staff, offers paid volunteer time, operates the Summer of Maps program, develops and supports many open source software projects, and contributes to open data activities.

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