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Azul Seven

Digital Product Design, Service Design, Design Thinking & Biomimicry
Certified Since: March, 2016
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Azul 7 helps clients improve service experiences; create innovative, effective digital products; and design sustainable business solutions. Their work is distinguished by the human-centered and biomimetic lens they bring to design.

Human-centered design is the discipline of identifying the needs, desires and context of real people and developing solutions to meet those needs. Biomimicry is applying nature’s principles, patterns and practices to solve human problems.

Combined, the disciplines of human-centered design and biomimicry present a powerful innovation and resilience platform with which Azul 7 helps their clients change, adapt and grow in response to changing customer and business needs.

Azul 7 is a human-centered design and biomimicry consulting firm. Their reason for being is to help their clients create products, services and systems that better meet real human needs with solutions that are life sustaining and regenerative.

Azul 7 believes in a world where people can create value and profit to enrich the local economic health; protect and enhance the natural environment and shared ecosystems; and support and build upon the cultural landscape. Their goal is to create a local and global community that thrives.

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