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Brand and Business Consulting
Certified Since: September, 2011
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Branding from the heart: Armed with over a decade of experience and a fresh, new innovative version of branding, Bedrock’s bCause was birthed. bCause focuses on repositioning and repurposing an organization’s brand through a collaborative process that defines, designs and delivers to the heart of the customer experience.

The reality for most organizations today is that their greatest need is funding. Without funds, no matter how much of a positive impact they have in this world, they cannot sustain themselves and will eventually become extinct.

bCause is committed to transforming cause-driven organizations into thriving, sustainable enterprises, helping them to reach their full, profitable potential. By building on their foundation through brand experience and transformation strategies, organizational development, capacity building and the creation of social enterprises, bCause is able to partner with enterprises to develop a sustainable model.

bCause uses the consortium model of doing business, gathering a team of talented, minority business owners together to integrate sustainable business and brand solutions to benefit the communities and the world.

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