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Food boxes
Certified Since: June, 2014
Location: Cothen, Utrecht, Netherlands
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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Beebox is a home delivery service of regional food. They put together varied boxes of fruit, vegetables, bread, potatoes, eggs, juice, meat, and other delicacies. However, beebox is more than just a delivery service. Their boxes are filled with fresh organic ingredients that are grown locally. They take pride in offering their costumers the best organic ingredients for the most affordable prices. The products are directly delivered from the farmer to the home of the consumer in effort to create a new, transparent, and honest food chain. Each delivery comes with easy recipe ideas to get the most out of each box. Subscriptions are flexible. Local beebox entrepreneurs specialize in personalized customer service.

Beebox strives for a restored balance in the food chain where the main players; farmers and citizens are in control. They are aiming to create a food chain in which the Dutch biodiversity is fully used, farmers get a fair price for their goods, and consumers get to enjoy super fresh and healthy seasonal products.

Beebox is a co-operation of passionate farmers, inspired enterprises, and conscious citizens. Each party is represented on their board of directors to ensure social value as well as financial value.

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