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Blue Beautifly LLC

Face and Body Care Products
Certified Since: August, 2016
Location: Oakland, California, United States
Sector: Manufacturing

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Blue Beautifly's mission is to foster beautiful and healthy skin and hair by developing innovative products made with botanical, organic, non-GMO, fair trade, and cruelty-free ingredients for women and men with the well being of the planet in mind.

Blue Beautifly believes that the secret to true beauty is found in the nature itself. Ancient cultures have looked to natural ingredients, such as herbs, fruits, nuts, seeds, barks, roots, flowers, clays, and muds, for their beauty enhancing and healing properties. As such, Blue Beautifly formulations are grounded in Ayurvedic, Chinese, Middle Eastern, African, and Central/South American traditions. Each formulation is carefully analyzed to ensure adherence to the company’s principles of simplicity, purity, quality, and sustainability.

Blue Beautifly’s commitment to serving its customers extends far beyond offering a superior product. It includes doing so in a manner that benefits all those who are impacted by the company’s operations, including raw material suppliers (e.g., farmers), its employees, local communities, and, of course, the planet.

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