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Blue Hill Partners LLC

Environmental Services
Certified Since: December, 2013
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Blue Hill Partners is an energy services company that provides specialty energy efficiency retrofits as a fully funded, turnkey service. The Company partners with best-in-class technology, engineering and construction partners. They fund and manage the entire process: assessment, design, engineering, installation, and commissioning. Blue Hill also monitors and maintains the equipment and covers the labor and equipment costs of any product failure over the term of the service agreement. The Company provides user-friendly reports and analysis to support the client’s operations and sustainability reporting objectives. Clients have no out of pocket costs for the retrofits, and pay a service fee to Blue Hill over the service term for the efficiency, maintenance, and monitoring services. These payments are based on the actual energy savings of the upgrades – so Blue Hill is only successful when the projected savings are achieved. The cost of the new energy bill plus Blue Hill’s services fee is typically less than the client’s pre-retrofit energy bill. Blue Hill’s goal is to make it easy and efficient to be energy efficient. Blue Hill currently offers two specialty solutions: outdoor lighting retrofits and science building ventilation upgrades.

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