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Brainiac Kids

Food Based Brain Nutrition
Certified Since: August, 2019
Location: Burlingame, California, United States
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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Brainiac™ Kids is the first and only food brand specifically targeted to supercharge kids’ developing brains. The Brainiac™ Kids whole milk yogurts and new applesauce pouches contain the BrainPack™, a one-of-a-kind blend of the omega-3s DHA and ALA, as well as choline, all of which feed kids’ brains, but are lacking in most kids’ diets. Brainiac™ Kids products were created to address this critical nutrient gap in kids’ diets and help every child reach their full potential. Another small parenting win – Brainiac™ Kids whole milk yogurt and applesauce are made with wholesome ingredients and have less sugar than other kids products in the grocery store.

Brainiac™ Kids strives to make delicious, healthy products that are accessible to all; sources ingredients that are sustainably produced, minimally processed, and nutritionally sound; and uses packaging that keeps products fresh and safe and has the lightest environmental footprint possible.

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