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Certified Since: February, 2010
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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A Portland, Oregon Web host, Canvas Host provides sustainable, no-oversell, ethical hosting services for businesses, non-profits, and personal needs. They are committed providing the highest quality service and caring customer support to help their clients achieve their goals, while in doing so promote sustainable causes and encourage others to follow in this path.

Canvas Host's mission is to utilize their company's most precious resources - technology and knowledge - and apply them in a way not only to help their business achieve their sustainability goals, but improve the quality of life for their clients, the environmental impact of their client's businesses, and bring about greater social and environmental stewardship in the way their businesses are conducted.

By actively promoting and demonstrating their sustainability program, developing newer and more efficient technologies that have a real and positive impact on how their clients operate their businesses, and openly championing environmental responsibility and sustainability in Canvas Host's business community and the larger industry as a whole, they aim to lead others to follow in their path and create measurable, positive change in the world.

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