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Programs and workshops to develop social-emotional skills such as empathy.
Certified Since: April, 2019
Location: São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Carlotas developed an unique approach, based on art, playfulness and dialogue. It is a way to practice empathy, respect, collaboration to foster inclusion and improve human relations. This approach was created with the help of different experts in many fields, like art-education and psychology. They use this approach in Educational Institutions, Programs for Organizations, books and games.
Programs in Education Institutions - Annual programs for teachers and early childhood to 9th grade. Empowering educators and sometimes school management, directly with the theme of social-emotional skills such as Empathy, Collaboration, recognition of emotions. Also annual programs for students in dynamic and fun activities.
Programs in Organizations - Structuring projects that work directly with the theme of empathy, inclusion, diversity and respect. A skilled team visits employees (at all levels) leading the Carlotas approach in activities and workshops that bring workshops that foster personal development between all participants.

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