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Cascade Engineering

Diverse Manufacturing and Services
Certified Since: October, 2010
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Sector: Manufacturing

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Cascade Engineering was founded and headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI. A manufacturing company comprised of 9 business units, they support a broad diversity of markets including transportation, environmental services, office furniture, RFID asset management, material handling and polymer compounding. Specializing in plastic injection molding of large parts, the company employs 1600 people in 14 US locations with additional European operations in Budapest, Hungary. Cascade Engineering is a nationally recognized proponent of sustainable business practices that emphasize the key role business can play in building financial, social and ecological capital.

Cascade Engineering believes that sustainability drives innovation and growth across the three principles that comprise the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) – People, Planet and Profit. They have worked diligently over the past decade to create a strategy focused on sustainability that propels innovation and sets forth our future direction. Their purpose as defined by their employees is to make a positive impact on society, the environment and pursuit of financial excellence. Today this sustainability focus resonates throughout the many facets of their organization.

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