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ChicoBag Company

Reusable bags, bottles, utensils, school fundraising, eco promotional products
Certified Since: October, 2013
Location: Chico, California, United States
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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ChicoBag is on a mission to help humanity bag the single use habit. The wasteful, throwaway habit that overflows our landfills and clogs our oceans. They do this by advocating for waste reduction, and designing an unforgettable collection of high-quality, long-lasting reusable bags. Additionally, ChicoBag is working hard to significantly reduce waste in the school fundraising and promotional products industries which are needlessly flooded with unhealthy or cheaply made throwaway products. ChicoBag co-brands their bags and a curated collection of quality reusables for organizations, businesses and schools who share their mission, value quality products, & want to keep their brand or message out of the trash.

ChicoBag’s culture thrives on zero-waste. Office waste is weighed and tabulated monthly. Compost is processed by a flock of company chickens. The company has a take-back program that accepts all types of bags from the public, functional or not. They also work with food banks to redistribute the functional bags to those in need and find organizations who can repurpose the others into useful products such as woven rugs. ChicoBag will continue to innovate, challenge the status-quo, and provide the world with ideas and products that help make bagging the single-use habit easy.

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