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Ethical Wool Slippers
Certified Since: November, 2016
Location: Osorno, LOS LAGOS, Chile
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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ChiloteShoes is a platform that enables the co-creation, crafting and distribution of eco-inclusive, ethical footwear for conscious consumers worldwide. Founded in 2010, the ChiloteShoes mission is to develop sustainable footwear whilst empowering independent makers and artisans.

Their first product, is a multiple award winning wool slipper that is hand made in Patagonia through a coop system of ethical production. There is no factory so each pair is made “slow” with care and pride by independent artisan women doing what they know & love – knitting. The slippers are made of only two materials, sheep wool and up-cycled salmon leather both local renewable materials sourced in Patagonia.

They seek to support highly vulnerable artisan women in rural Patagonia, empower women to generate an ethical income doing what they love from home, and sustain a unique culture and heritage.

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