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Clear Blue Commercial

Leasing, Sales & Property/Facility/Project Management
Certified Since: May, 2016
Location: Petaluma, California, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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CLEAR BLUE COMMERCIAL is a full service management and leasing company dedicated to maximizing their clients’ investments, saving their clients’ time, and adding value to their local communities. CLEAR BLUE COMMERCIAL applies a holistic and sustainable approach to all facets of the life of your property: Leasing, Sales, Property and Facility Management, and Project Management.

Clear Blue Commercial's first allegiance is to the planet and her inhabitants. CLEAR air and CLEAR water are essential for growth, health and life. Clarity in their mission, in their values, in their thinking, and in their working relationships is at their core. The word CLEAR speaks to their commitment to transparency and integrity in all of their interactions.

BLUE is the color most commonly associated with harmony, faithfulness, and confidence. BLUE is overwhelmingly the most popular color, chosen by over half of Earthlings as their favorite. BLUE is the color of the clear sky and the deep sea and the BLUE planet. As they strive toward sustainability and collaboration in all of their actions, the “green” community is evolving towards BLUE.

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