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Co-op Power / Northeast Biodiesel

Biodiesel Manufacturing/Retail, Energy Efficiency, Solar
Certified Since: November, 2010
Location: Florence, Massachusetts, United States
Sector: Service with Significant Environmental Footprint

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Co-op Power is a multi-racial, multi-class movement for a just and sustainable future. They're a consumer-owned cooperative, organized as a network of local Community Energy Cooperatives in southern New England. With hundreds of members and thousands of supporters, they pool their buying power, local capital, and volunteer expertise to build locally-owned green businesses and green jobs. Their staff does energy assessments, air sealing, and dense-pack cellulose insulation. They work with a network of solar installers and can help you get a great installation. Co-op power also works with communities to run an energy efficiency and solar mobilization programs that brings great benefits to their communities. They have an awesome community shared solar project development team that can help you build and own a large solar array for your city/town, households, and organizations to share. They specialize in making these energy products and services, jobs, and local ownership shares available to people with limited resources in order to create a more just and democratic energy future for the region.

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