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Certified Since: December, 2007
Location: Gardiner, New York, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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The world is in flux. As a leader, you may feel battered by the pace of change, feeling stuck in the middle of an uncertain shift.

Human evolution is taking place in our brains. Scientific studies indicate that when all the different parts of our brain operate in sync, it is called coherence. It is also referred to as being on the same wavelength. From coherence comes wisdom. Coherence Collaborative believes wisdom is the pathway to help you in this transition.

If change is the only constant, there are some pillars that have stood the test of time. A multi-stakeholder triple-bottom-line approach to business is one pillar that has proven itself to be a lasting trend.

Their team can effectively guide you in this journey. They take the time to assess your needs and what these mean to all the facets of your organization’s strategy. In this spirit, the Coherence Collaborative, being a Founding Certified B Corporation, is a living example of their team’s commitment to their values, which includes a deep commitment to your success. As much as they embrace best practices, they believe every situation is unique and consequently, all of their solutions are custom-designed to meet your needs. They seek to support your forward-thinking innovation, values, and financial success.

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