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Conscience Bay Company LLC

Private equity firm; real estate investments.
Certified Since: December, 2016
Location: Boulder, Colorado, United States
Sector: Service with Significant Environmental Footprint

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Conscience Bay Company LLC (“CBC”) is a private equity firm that invests in agricultural land, water resources, and commercial real estate in Colorado. They implement a diversified real assets investment strategy in a region of rapid growth. Portfolios include asset types such as apartments, office, industrial, water resources and agricultural land. CBC’s principals have over four decades of experience investing in Colorado and have unparalleled local expertise, giving them a competitive advantage in sourcing, evaluating and executing transactions in the region.

CBC is committed to its investors, the community and the natural environment. Through improvements at each property they acquire, CBC continually cuts carbon emissions and resource use in the commercial sector; installs renewable energy systems; implements creative solutions for water conservation and allocation; and engages in sustainable agricultural practices. CBC has found that these investments increase profits, add enduring value to their properties and benefit the community socially and environmentally.

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