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Voice your need, share your talent
Certified Since: March, 2015
Location: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Netherlands
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Croqqer is a global community built on values: they believe in making society and the biosphere better, without compromise. Croqqer creates and fosters local clusters of people who share and exchange their time and talents, and by doing so unite as humans again.

Croqqer creates well-being and improves people’s lives by fostering trust-based neighborhoods and allowing people to dedicate their time to what they love the most. Croqqer is always local for local, while all its communities remain open, inclusive, interdependent and interconnected. Its business ideal is the Benefit Corporation and its preferred currencies are trust, and mutual respect.

Croqqer is the new paradigm of human interaction, the redefinition of how work is done, the forge of entrepreneurship, the evolution from transactional to relationship.

The platform and network of “real people” is rapidly expanding in Europe and people are thus sharing in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Croqqer proves to have a substantial social impact as the right combination of Humanity to Unite and Technology to Connect accelerates growth and builds trust.

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