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Reusable Cups & Bottles
Certified Since: March, 2016
Location: Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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The B Impact Scores are being compared against all businesses that have completed the B Impact Assessment

Like all good friends, Cupanion is there for you. Cupanion develops products that fit your lifestyle, are reliable and make you feel great about contributing to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Cupanion delivers safe, affordable, high quality products that are stylish, customizable, environmentally friendly and are durable by design.

Whether you’re on a thrilling adventure, an unforgettable road trip, hanging out on campus, or unwinding at the office, our products are always ready to join you. Cupanion is there to keep your memories warm and your beverages just the way you like them.

Preserving our planet and helping those in need drives Cupanion. That’s why the Fill it Forward initiative was created, to help the nearly one billion people that are living without clean water. With each reusable bottle sold, Cupanion gives the same amount of clean water to a person in need. Wherever life takes you, enjoy some cupanionship.

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