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Decommissioning Devices
Certified Since: August, 2014
Location: Fino Mornasco (CO), Como, Italy
Sector: Manufacturing

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D-Orbit develops smart satellite disposal systems (D-Orbit Decommissioning Devices, D3) that can be installed on spacecraft and launcher stages before launch and are able to remove them in a quick, safe and controlled manner from their orbit. The objective is to help operators saving their assets (i.e. orbital slots), reducing operational costs and risks, and consequently providing an easier, sustainable and profitable access to space.

Space Debris is affecting space operations from many different perspectives in an exponential way: today more than 6000 satellites are in space, of which only 1000 are still operational. The remaining are orbiting around the Earth, uncontrolled. While up to a few years ago, outer space was substantially empty of man-made objects and risk of mutual collision was relatively low, about 20,000 objects larger than 5 cm are today flying at 18,000 miles per hour (more than 30’000 km/h) increasing the risk of mutual collision. This could cause a collision chain that could severely damage our space assets, pretty much as in the movie “Gravity”, compromising most of the services that we use on Earth every day (e.g. GPS navigation, telecommunication, disaster prevention, weather forecasts, etc.).

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