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Dadavan Systems

Student Information Systems
Certified Since: August, 2014
Location: Waverley, Nova Scotia, Canada
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Data collection and analysis play a significant part in the planning and building of healthy and whole individuals and communities. Dadavan creates customizable data collection software for schools, communities and Indigenous peoples. Dadavan’s products translate data into community-generated knowledge that can be used to create positive impact through informed decision-making.

Their client relationships are not transactional, they are transformational. Every community they work with becomes much more than just a client - they become their partners. Whether their partners are focused on education, culture, health, or a combination of the three, Dadavan applies its philosophy of collaborative software customization. And as they continue to listen to the stories and ideas throughout the Dadavan community and abroad, they plan to continue developing more unique software tools to support their community partners.

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