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De Smaakspecialist

Certified Since: December, 2018
Location: Bavel, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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De Smaakspecialist is constantly on the move to make responsible food available to everyone. Their enormous passion for food combined with a great deal of knowledge and experience allow them to make valuable impact every single day. They do this together with their customers, partners, communities and a very spirited team of colleagues. Day in, day out. How?

By developing, producing and distributing organic, nutritious and, most of all, delicious food with their brands Smaakt, Biotoday & RAW Organic Food. They believe education and inspiration about food can make an important contribution in making a conscious choice about what you eat. An impactful choice for yourself, for your environment, for today and for tomorrow. A choice which is different for everyone. Which can be motivated by different reasons such as the impact it has on the environment, on animals, on labour conditions or on health. A choice which is never wrong, when it’s made in a conscious way and can contribute to the quality of life on this earth, both right now and in the future. For that reason they developed impact programms such as 'KidsProef, 'Organic Kitchen' and the 'Bio Proeflokaal'. They are happy to share the knowledge they have acquired with everyone, just as they love to learn from others.

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