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Software, Web and Mobile Design
Certified Since: February, 2015
Location: Boulder, Colorado, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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DOJO4 is a software and design agency that partners with purpose-driven organizations to make the world a better place. They specialize in applications that solve difficult problems or engage big data, and websites that require ultra-high availability, ultra-high performance, and extreme security. Recognizing that many amazing organizations can significantly increase their impact with the use of relatively simple technology, in addition to custom-built software, DOJO4 can also advise on and design/customize “out-of-the-box” tools for its impact partners.

DOJO4 is a worker-owned cooperative and sustainable business that supports a small group of excellent developers, designers, writers, artists, financiers, thinkers and their families in an environment that prioritizes integrity, knowledge and humor. The energy and joie de vivre of the founders and members at DOJO4 come from having honed their craft over many years and doing work that is meaningful and integrated with what they love.

The DOJO4 mission is to create exemplary technology and design products that further positive social and environmental transformation while also fostering trusting, conscientious and joyful human relationships that bring value to the company, its professional partners and community.

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