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Climate Action and Energy Solutions
Certified Since: June, 2014
Location: Taipei, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Sector: Service with Significant Environmental Footprint

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DOMI was founded with a simple goal of driving change for the environment and society by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs with backgrounds in technology, systems architecture, economics, branding and PR.

Parents do everything in their power to make life great for their kids. So climate change is just one of those things they have to tackle. And quickly!

That’s why DOMI Earth was launched. They started with the simplest actions they could think of: planting trees in public spaces and installing efficient light bulbs in thousands of households and small businesses.

As DOMI grew, business leaders who wanted to save costs and meet CSR goals came to them to co-create meaningful sustainability initiatives. Local governments called on them to implement urban energy efficiency programs. Schools invited them in to lead fun and friendly environmental education programs.

Along the way, DOMI learned two big lessons. One: to stop climate change, governments, companies, schools, and other institutions need to work together. Two: climate action isn’t just an institutional thing. It needs people, too.

Today, DOMI is building a movement, turning ordinary people into climate changemakers. Like a good coach, they help people take pride in taking action. And since real action happens when people work together, they're also developing a technology platform that links individuals and families with emissions-saving products, sustainable technologies, effective institutions, and one another. With all of these elements in sync, taking care of the environment becomes as easy as checking email or ordering a cup of coffee.

People are the heart of what DOMI does. When people work together – when people are responsible to one another – real change can happen.

Together, let’s make Earth happy!

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