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Sustainable water bottle
Certified Since: May, 2014
Location: Haarlem, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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The Dopper is the perfect reusable bottle for tapwater. Thanks to this truly awesome design bottle by Rinke van Remortel, disposable ones will hopefully become a thing of the past. The unique shape makes the Dopper extremely easy to clean so it will last for many years. Need a cup? Simply turn the Dopper’s top upside down to put tap water on a pedestal. The Dopper is produced in climate-neutral fashion, is BPA free and fully recyclable.

By offering an innovative product line of sustainable design bottles for drinking water, Dopper is battling against single-use plastic waste and tries to increase active awareness regarding the impact of disposable plastic worldwide. And while in many western countries we can drink water from the tap, many people still go without this convenience. That's why Dopper founded the Dopper Foundation in 2013, a logical step toward creating a better world.

The Dopper Foundation supports the provision of drinking water, as well as improved sanitation and hygiene, through the charitable organization Simavi in Nepal. Under the Dopper Academy flag, the foundation also organizes educational programs about water and litter issues for pupils and students in countries where water is abundant and, unfortunately, plastic is too.

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