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Dr. Brite

Certified Since: December, 2016
Location: Irvine, California, United States
Sector: Manufacturing

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Dr. Brite is an oral and skin care company that delivers safe, effective and affordable products for the entire family. Committed to creating all-natural, organic oral and skin care solutions, their formulas are made in small batches using the highest-quality, responsibly sourced ingredients.

Concerned with the harmful chemicals frequently found in everyday items like toothpaste, sisters Pooneh Ram DDS and Dr. Paris Sabo knew they had to do something. Together they created Dr. Brite, a nontoxic oral and skin care line that’s safe for both people and the environment. The Dr. Brite products are made in the USA through sustainable, eco-friendly and 100% certified cruelty-free practices, offering better health and opportunity for a more vibrant life for the planet and those living on it.

Dr. Brite is on a mission to make safe and healthy choices accessible for all families. They share this mission by donating 5% of their revenue towards providing natural dental care products to those in need and by educating children and adults the importance of hygiene and being mindful of toxic ingredients.

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