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Certified B Corporation

Echale a Tu Casa

Self build housing program and housing improvements
Certified Since: February, 2012
Location: Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
Sector: Manufacturing

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Echale a Tu Casa is a social housing production company that delivers affordable homes to communities through the implementation of innovations in construction, technology and finance. Echale a Tu Casa’s model aims to restructure community social networking and cure the flaws inherent in the self-building process through four pillars: Organization and Social Inclusion,Financial Education and access to Social Finance Trust,Training and Technology Appropriation,Program replication through Social Impact Franchise.

Echale’s sustainable housing model brings a systemic solution for the selfbuilder families. Becoming a B Corp certifies that that both the economic and social values of our model are part of our mission and rates our effectiveness in accomplishing them.

The Change We Seek

In spite of unprecedented economic and demographic growth over the past several years, many developing nations are confronted with the perpetual problem of housing. Today there is a total housing deficit of over 400 million around the world. In order to cope with a flawed housing delivery system, most families construct their own homes magnifying the problem since materials are inherently expensive and financing for this segment of the market is limited. Thus, housing fails to fulfill its basic economic function of building household wealth and falls short in its social function.

Echale a Tu Casa seeks to revert this vicious cycle by correcting the flaws inherent to the self-build process, thus allowing it to deliver returns on economic, social, and environmental levels. Through Echale’s innovative model, families can build their own home becoming proprietors of a patrimony that they can count on and inherit to the next generation. Securing a house provides families, and entire communities, the opportunity to focus on their development and househols wealth.

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