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Echo Adventure Cooperative, Inc

Guided fly fishing, hiking, sightseeing, backpacking, and vacation packages.
Certified Since: April, 2019
Location: Groveland, California, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Echo Adventure Cooperative is a Yosemite based worker-owned cooperative offering socially and environmentally sustainable adventures, vacation packages and group events in Yosemite National Park and the surrounding Sierra Nevada.
From the outside, Echo Adventure Cooperative looks like a traditional guiding agency and outfitter, but talk to any members and you will quickly see that Echo solely focuses on its four primary stakeholders; the members, guests, community and environment
Worker-Owned: Echo Adventure Cooperative is a collective board worker cooperative. To maintain empowerment and ownership, every Echo Adventures member directly contributes to the decision making of the Corporation through an equal vote on the Board of Directors, and every member is in charge of their offerings, rates, schedule and availability!
Environmentally Sustainable: In addition to volunteering and donating to conservation organizations and efforts, Echo Adventures members also practice and teach strict Leave No Trace principles, including catch & release fly fishing with barbless hooks. 99.8% of all trips and add-ons are free of disposable plastics! Their administrative office uses 100% Solar Choice Power, cloud-based filing and pre-owned office and computer equipment.

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