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Eco-Bags Products

Reusable Bags, All Types
Certified Since: November, 2010
Location: Ossining, New York, United States
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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Behind their little green ECOBAGS tag is a woman-owned business with a history of creating durable, sustainably sourced & responsibly made bags using natural, recycled, organic and recyclable materials for retail, resale, promotions, packaging and design. At Eco-Bags Products, they're innovators - they were one of the first to introduce reusable bags to the market in 1992. They were the first to bring the classic, European cotton string market bags to the US.

They use third parties to certify that their supply chain and manufacturing meet or exceed international standards for materials and social conduct. All of the inks used in their custom printing are PVC and phthalate-free, their dyes are AZO free. They do these things not because they have to but because they're the right thing to do. They're very selective about whose merchandise they carry at ECOBAGS.com and they encourage all of their partnering manufacturers to comply with their high standards.

Eco-Bags Products knows that there is no "away" in our throwaway society. They know that single use plastics cause great harm in our environment and in our bodies.

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