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Environmental Consulting
Certified Since: December, 2015
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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EcoInnovate provides management solutions to help companies create environmentally friendly workplaces. By instituting simple in-house changes to organizational behavior practices, EcoInnovate’s approach will reduce waste, conserve energy, and save thousands each year. EcoInnovate acts as a Sustainability Manager by designing and executing a unique plan suited for each organization. Through interaction with your employees, the approach helps to uncover inefficiencies and then integrates positive changes, which are easily achieved by making slight modifications to behaviors and actions. Not only are the processes simple and inexpensive, they will help reduce a company’s carbon footprint.

EcoInnovate is a proud member of the B Corp movement. Their certification demonstrates EcoInnovate’s commitment to environmental sustainability, social justice, transparency, and accountability, while advancing its mission to help businesses implement positive changes in its processes. By aligning with B Corp, EcoInnovate will not only strengthen their accountability, it will avoid the pitfalls of myopic thinking by engaging with other corporations offering differing services, but having similar missions.

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