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Ecotone Software Consulting Inc.

Software Consulting focusing on sustainability, ERP, and CRM systems
Certified Since: November, 2016
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Ecotone Software Consulting transforms your company’s enterprise data into actionable sustainability strategies. They provide Customer Relationship Management solutions with a focus on clients in the cleantech sector to better manage their marketing and sales processes.

Their mission is to enable clients to achieve their sustainability goals by leveraging people, process, and technology. They strive toward a net zero environmental footprint from their operations and work to make a positive contribution to their communities.

Ecotone Software Consulting wanted to connect with like minded corporate leaders who want to use their businesses to make a positive change in the world - people who believe they can do well by doing good.

“Sustainability is the possibility that humans and other life will flourish on Earth forever.” –John R. Ehrenfeld, 2000.

Ecotone loves this definition because it speaks to the possibilities that they must create together, acknowledging there is no simple answer to the complex challenges we face. It is at the same time aspirational. They haven’t come up with a better vision statement so they are going with this one!

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