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Ecological products (cookstoves, solar lights, etc.)
Certified Since: January, 2012
Location: Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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EcoZoom is a social enterprise dedicated to bringing ecological products to the all the world’s consumers. They believe that all people should have access to beautifully designed products that will improve their health, income and environment. EcoZoom started with improved cookstoves because they saw that as one of the biggest needs in the world. They’re the company's flagship products. But, their office in Kenya also sells solar lamps, water filters, and reusable sanitary pads to help create a more holistic healthy home solution and transform lives.
More than 3 billion people – almost half the world’s population – do not have access to modern fuels like electricity and gas. They cook with biomass, often on smoky three stone fires or inefficient, unimproved stoves and light their homes with costly and dangerous kerosene lamps. These practices result in huge impacts to people and the environment including: the death of over 4 million people a year, over 30% of monthly income being used to pay for fuel, deforestation and climate change. EcoZoom's products provide a solution and they work to make them accessible and affordable in developing countries.

Operating a for-profit company in a space dominated by governments, NGOs and aid organizations can create some skepticism. We became a B Corp to demonstrate our high level of commitment to our social and environmental missions. We believe in the power of business to create change and think social enterprises will be instrumental in creating sustainable markets for durable goods in developing countries.The Change We Seek

EcoZoom seeks a world where everyone’s basic needs - like cooking, lighting and water - are met in a healthy, efficient and ecofriendly way.

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