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Digital Platform, Micro-enterprise model, Predictive Data Intelligence
Certified Since: June, 2016
Location: Multiple cities, Delhi, India
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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eKutir is a for-profit social enterprise, designing economically sustainable solutions anchored at micro-entrepreneurship and technology-enabled ecosystem for low-income markets. Their innovation enables the development of an ecosystem that can unleash multi-pronged, integrated interventions to address complex problems such as rural poverty in developing countries. Such convergence requires concerted efforts from multiple actors (e.g., farmers, micro-entrepreneurs, agricultural firms, sanitation firms, and government, etc.), each leveraging their core competencies but doing so in collaboration with others for self-sustaining, maximum impact.

eKutir has set-up multiple subsidiary social enterprises, targeted at a specific industry; agriculture, WASH, food & nutrition, clean energy, and technology & data, each thriving to generate sustainable social impact. Collectively, eKutir has an outreach to 543 micro-entrepreneurs, 60,000+ smallholder farmers, and 13,000+ toilets across low-income markets.

eKutir has set-up eKutir Global, a public benefit corporation in US to scale its solutions to businesses working with low-income markets in Central/Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, and South-East Asia.

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