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Elephants Delicatessen

Specialty Food and Retail, Catering, Wholesale
Certified Since: August, 2015
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States
Sector: Service with Significant Environmental Footprint

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Elephants Delicatessen has been committed to providing Portlanders with great local foods from scratch for over three decades. A pioneer in the specialty and gourmet foods industry, they serve a wide variety of customers through eight retail stores and their catering and sack/box lunch delivery service.

Elephants mission is to provide a fun, friendly, energetic, sensory food experience with exceptional quality and service. As their operation grows, so does their impact on their community. With this in mind, the Elephants herd utilizes the triple bottom line, where people, planet, and profit are their measurement for success. At all levels of their business, they work to demonstrate and share this commitment with their employees and their customers--and to seek sustainable approaches to food service to work towards a better future.

Elephants Delicatessen has long been recognized as a champion of sustainable practices that reduce waste, conserve energy, and support other local businesses. They ”walk the talk” by investing in products that further this effort, including renewable energy sources, responsible waste management practices, and sustainable transit solutions.

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