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Leadership Development Programs, Capacity-building services for nonprofits
Certified Since: July, 2015
Location: Somerville, Massachusetts, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Emzingo is a global personal development design firm. Emzingo inspires responsible leadership, prepares individuals to address global challenges, and connects business to society through social impact projects.

Emzingo uses social impact projects and leadership development curriculum as vehicles to transform individuals. At the end of our programs, participants have enhanced business and entrepreneurial skills, a deep understanding of the social sector, and have become more reflective and self-aware.

Emzingo helps companies find success in the face of misaligned incentives, lack of employee engagement, negative workplace environments, and an unprecedented requirement for transparency. They design and facilitate life-changing leadership development programs, seminars, and workshops that expose and promote the leadership competencies the world requires now. Emzingo prepares leaders for the 21st century.

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