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Research and advisory for business solutions in low-income markets
Certified Since: April, 2015
Location: Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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As thought leaders and brokers, Endeva accelerates entrepreneurial solutions for development. Endeva works with all relevant actors – companies, donors, governments and NGOs – to create business models and ecosystems that include low-income people into value chains for mutual benefit. Endeva catalyzes innovative solutions at the base of the pyramid through research, consulting, and facilitation. Since 2007, Endeva has successfully implemented more than 100 projects around the globe in diverse sectors.

Together with its partners, Endeva builds, shares and applies knowledge about how to develop and implement inclusive business models. The company undertakes research and publishes reports, organizes and facilitates trainings, workshops and conferences, and consults organizations on their own inclusive business programs, e.g. via market research, business model development and strategic advice, and results measurement.

Partners include large and small companies from both developed and developing countries, public donors, private foundations, non-profit organizations, universities and other research institutions. Endeva maintains a broad global network of experts, who support projects to ensure specific expertise and local footprint.

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