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EO Products

Natural Body Care Products
Certified Since: September, 2011
Location: San Rafael, California, United States
Sector: Manufacturing

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Brad Black and Susan Griffin-Black started EO Products in 1995 to make natural body care products based on essential oils and other safe, effective and beautiful ingredients. They are an integrated, sustainable organization and are committed to raising the bar on how they define that with each passing year.

Love Life EO Products respects and honor all beings and acknowledge our interdependence with one another. They aspire to work collectively to make beautiful products and enhance the lives of each other, EO customers, vendors and greater community and planet.

Live Clean EO Products evolve their formulas to include as many organic ingredients as possible, are committed to the non-GMO movement and ensure that their practices, products and processes are as sustainable as they can make them. They never use synthetic colors, dyes or fragrances

From the day EO Products started in 1995, they were on fire to solve a problem most people didn't know they had: create body products free of the harmful ingredients present in almost every other choice on the market.

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