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Eurocompany Srl SB

Dried fruit and nuts
Certified Since: October, 2019
Location: Godo di Russi, RA, Italy
Sector: Manufacturing

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Euro Company Srl SB was founded in 1979. Over the past 40 years, their community has grown steadily to around today’s 300 employees. With its almost complete coverage of the Italian market, every day more than 400,000 consumers buy their products, appreciating their quality and sharing their values.

Their daily efforts are directed towards employees, customers, consumers and the planet, but also equally towards the community and the local area. They offer nuts and dried fruits, with raw materials having undergone as little processing as possible. Every day they try to provide their employees with an ethical and stimulating environment in which to feel happy and fulfilled. They invest in minimizing packaging waste and in developing more sustainable packaging. They choose customers who share the same values and prefer local suppliers whenever possible. They support the community through projects and training courses on health and proper nutrition.

At Euro Company they believe that products represent the way in which they convey their values and actions. That’s why they’ve reduced salt by 80% and plan on removing sugar from their entire range.
Euro Company is proud to join the B Corp community to be an active part of the change.

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